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What is needed for passport application?

What is needed for passport application? To Apply for South African passport you need some particulars to process your passport during application, Below are the document needed before you can apply any of passport below. Tourist passport Visitor’s passports are issued to South African citizens 16 years and older. To apply, you’ll need to complete a… 阅读更多»


南非护照申请费  服务价格标识文件:签发第一份文件。免费身份证件:重新发放,前提是在发放身份证件且文件中姓名重复为姓氏的情况下,如果部门没有坚持… 阅读更多»


儿童护照发给15岁及以下的儿童。这些护照不能续期。到期后,必须提交新护照的申请。提交文件清单:申请表和证明文件必须一式两份。请确保您有两套应用程序:1)… 阅读更多»


申请人:请查看下面的南非外交或领事代表处列表,查看您应在何处提交填妥的申请表:康涅狄格州、特拉华州、肯塔基州、缅因州、马萨诸塞州、新罕布什尔州、新泽西州、纽约州、北卡罗来纳州、宾夕法尼亚州、罗得岛州、南卡罗来纳州、田纳西州、佛蒙特州、,西弗吉尼亚州:南非驻纽约总领事馆… 阅读更多»

South African Passport Fees And Turn Around Time

TYPE OF PASSPORT TARIFF TURN AROUND TIME Regular passports $33. 00 4-6 Months Lost, stolen or damaged passports $66.00 4-6 Months Child passports $33.00 4-6 Months Emergency Travel Certificates $12.00 1 Week Holders of passports out of visa pages before expiry must apply for a new passport Maxi passports $50.00 4-6 months Fees must be… 阅读更多»

South African Passport fees 2022

South African Passport fees 2022 Service Tariff Identity Document: Issuing of first document. FREE Identity Document: Re-issuing, provided that the re-issuing of identity documents is free of charge in those cases where an identity document was issued and the forename is repeated as a surname in the document, if the Department did not insist on… 阅读更多»

DHA-73 application for south african passport

DHA-73 application for south african passport   Click here Download DHA-73 Application form  List of DHA offices and names of officials who conduct Civil Union/Partnership Marriages GAUTENG NORTHERN CAPE EASTERN CAPE FREE STATE KWAZULU-NATAL LIMPOPO WETSERN CAPE NORTH WEST MPUMALANGA LOL Soweto P Nontmbane T Gule Carnarvon B Amsterdam Tsolo Noholoza TT Mpapama C Bethlehem P Mosemaka Umgungundlov P Ndlovu T Mchunu V Ngubane Waterberg… 阅读更多»

South African passport renewal fast track

South African passport renewal fast track   When to Apply for Your South African Passport Renewal? Most countries require that travellers have at least 6 months availability on their passport beyond the date of departure. Therefore, you are advised to renew your passport before it expires within the time frame of your travels. Passport Costs… 阅读更多»


如何申请南非护照如何在线申请护照在线注册和提交我去了内政部的网站,看到了一个在线申请护照或智能身份证的链接。这让我 . 我在这个网站上注册,然后找到了申请… 阅读更多»