Online Application South Africa 2022/2023

Online Application South Africa : Apply Online to Any University or College In South Africa. Select Your School Below to Apply Online. Read the details carefully before proceeding. If you can find your school in the List, Search for on this website.

有关助学金的在线申请,请参阅 南非最好的助学金网站 . 有关Tvet学院的申请,请在此网站上搜索Tvet学院。







确保你是 了解截止日期 你打算申请的各种大学中。

  • 您的申请必须在截止日期前送达学校,才能被考虑。
  • 有关大学申请日期,请参见网站菜单



  • 确保您考虑到邮资和送货所需的时间。


确保你的所有考试结果都来自 11年级 和 六月矩阵考试分数 手头有。你需要将这些结果与申请一起提交给大学。

  • 您需要提交这些结果的认证副本。不要发送原件!

FYI: 一些大学要求你完成 国家基准测试(NBT). 如果您需要填写,请在此处查找更多信息,并与机构联系。

4. Make sure all details are correct

Forms can be a pain to fill in, and are often complicated! Go through the forms slowly and make sure you fill in each part of the form carefully so that you do not make mistakes.

  • Consider doing your application in pencil before you fill it in in with a pen.
  • A black ballpoint pen is usually the accepted method for filling in forms, put the purple pen away!

To consider:

Make sure you have a working email address, which anyone can create by registering an email address on

FYI: You will also need a working cell phone number and a postage address.

5. Financial Aid

Have a look at the fee’s booklet with your parents or guardians and together. Come to a conclusion about whether or not you might need financial aid. If your household income falls below a certain bracket, either of your parents or guardians are pensioners or either of your parents are unemployed, you may qualify for financial aid.

If you do require financial aid from your University, there will usually be a separate form you may need to complete. Make sure you have your parent or guardian’s most recent pay slip for this.

To find out more information about student loans read all about student loans

6. Current Year’s Activity

For your application, you will most likely need to fill in what you have been doing for the last year.

  • If you were a student at school you also have to submit your exam results and school subjects.
  • If you were traveling, you may be required to provide details of your activities.

7. Signing the Declaration For Online Application 2022/2023

Your application will need to be signed by your parents or guardians and by you.

  • Make sure that you all know exactly what you are signing and that all the information in the application is true and correct.

8. Supporting Documents Online Application 2022/2023


  • 这些是经认证的副本或 您的ID 和 您父母或监护人身份证的核证副本.
  • 其他证明文件可能是您的 考试成绩居住证明 和a 最近的工资单.
  • 确保您有这些文件的副本,切勿发送原件!



  • 请勿邮寄申请费。
  • 在银行或通过EFT支付费用。
  • 了解您是否需要提供已支付申请费的付款证明。



  • 根据你的最终结果,你通常会有几个月的时间来接受(所以现在还不能松懈!)记住要接受这份工作,并确保在接下来的一年里你已经支付了最低的首次付款。
  • MIP是您必须支付的最低费用金额,以便您开始与大学的“付款计划”。这通常也是你在住宅中获得一席之地所必须支付的费用。